Monday, April 19, 2010

WTF is an Art Banana??!!

If you are here you probably have come across one of our pieces and are wondering more about them.Simply put an art banana is an art piece in the form of an artificial banana. Put in a more complex way, it is an unexpected art object that when found by the average person can't be denied at least a little bit of curiosity. This curiosity forms an experience for the person who has found the art object and therefore that person has experienced art. Human beings need creative experiences in order to thrive and be more than the sum of their parts, thus the art bananas provide a vital public service to the people that find them.
Maybe a business person is at a coffee shop for their morning coffee and over the edge of that nonesensical report they are reading they see a glint of color on the next table. Upon second glance the see an oddly engaging object with a tag that reads: ART BANANA (free). They have a secret moment of delight and tuck the banana away in their black attache and procede to work. When they get there they take the banana out of their bag and place it on their desk. It becomes a part of that persons life and with one whimsicle little object they are given an ongoing reminder that the world is so much more than reports and spreadsheets. Imagine a similar story with a construction worker, a school age child, someone who just got done visiting their psychiatrist, how would these people react to an object like this? Well, I hope to find stories like that as I distribute my art objects through out the world!